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What is it like to fly through the treetops like a bird?

With zip-lining, you can find out! The businesses featured in our "Zip Lining Near Me" tool offer a variety of zip line adventures, from multiple zip lines spread throughout an adventure course, to one continuous and thrilling ride! Try zip-lining in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. It is fun for all ages and makes a great adventure your friends and family will remember long after you've returned home.

What is an adventure park?

It is a playground in the trees! You will have a self-guided aerial adventure park, with hours of thrills and challenges for all ages and abilities. Options usually range from a kid's course on the ground, through mid-level trails, all the way to expert level black diamond challenges.

Zip-lining adventure parks provide all your gear and teach you how to use it. Tackle as many obstacles as you want! Most adventure parks are a series of platforms up in the trees connected by ladders, bridges, ropes, zip-lines, and different barriers of every kind. The experience can be different every time, zip-lines are situated in a beautiful mountain ranges, forests or even city streets.

Activities offered are appropriate for most ages. The trails are color-coded purple through black to reflect difficulty level.

What is a zip line tour?

A zip line tour is a fully guided tour utilizing zip lines to travel from tree to tree. You will use a harness that will secure you to a wheel that will let you fly like a bird over all kinds of features. Experience lakes, rivers, or even down a city street in Las Vegas.

What is the difference between the Adventure Park and a Zip Line Tour?

Zip Tours are fully guided tours where guides accompany you and your group throughout the journey. Guides work all the gear, including clipping members into safety lifelines and operating braking systems on the line.

An Adventure Park is a self-guided park where the staff will teach you to use a Belay system to clip onto a wire and make your way through the barriers at your own pace. An Adventure Park is going to be a higher physical experience than a Zip Line Tour. Zip-lining is more of a relaxing experience where an Adventure Park will have you climbing, swinging, and doing many other cool features.

Are there age restrictions?

Zip Tours and Adventure Parks offers activities for all ages, depending on the state and park regulations. For your own safety, there are restrictions for going on the tour. The maximum allowable weight on most zip-lines is 270 lbs.

Are there weight restrictions when zip-lining?

It is safe to say that the cables are capable of holding thousands of pounds. Most parks require that guests must weigh less than 270 lbs. Riders must be a minimum 50 lbs. Every guest will be analyzed with a scale at the beginning of the course. The restrictions are put in place based on the speed of the zip line, not the amount the cables can hold.

Are there health restrictions to going on any of the activities?

You should be prepared for physical activity like climbing stairs, crossing bridges, walking over uneven terrain, and lifting up to 10 lbs.

What are some of the other possible zip-lining restrictions?

Activities are not advised for anyone who may have neck/back issues, a heart condition, or other medical concerns which would limit participation.
You cannot use any of the obstacles in most parks when pregnant.
Zip-line operators reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone consuming alcohol or illegal drugs before the involvement.

If you have any conditions below, you should consult a doctor to determine whether or not it is appropriate to engage in a zip line tour:
  • Neck and/or back issues
  • Heart conditions
  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Debilitating fear of heights
  • Seizures
  • If pregnant or think you are, you will not be allowed to zip line or the adventure parks, for your own safety.
No alcohol, smoking, vaping, or drug use is permitted at any time before or throughout the experiences at most locations.

It is raining, or calling for rain, will they still go zip-lining?

We love the outdoors, but depending on the day we may or may not enjoy the weather. Outdoor weather is tough to predict, so some facilities tend to make the call as close to the reservation time as possible. Some zip-line tours do run in light rain and based on that, compare adventure parks and zip-lining to golf.

If people would keep golfing, people will keep climbing, zipping, and having fun in-climate weather. If there is extreme weather like high winds, storms, or heavy rain, cancel the reservation, but in light, to moderate rain, some will still run the tour.

Do I need to make a reservation?

All zippers are suggested to make a reservation. Some locations will try to accommodate walk-ins based on availability, but it is always easier to reserve a spot before arriving at the facility.

Do I need to sign a waiver for my life?

Yes, all guests who wish to zip-line must sign a waiver. Guests under the age of eighteen will need a guardian's signature before zip-lining or climbing. Reservations should be approved ahead of time.

What if I am afraid of heights, should I try it?

Don't worry! Some people say zip lining is not as scary as they thought it would be! Most canopy tours are designed to progress from shorter, slower lines to longer, faster, higher lines to keep you comfortable. Certified guides are trained to keep you safe throughout the experience. Equipment, as well as the tour, are inspected daily to ensure it is all in proper working order. You will never be forced to do any obstacles or zip-lines you do not want to.

What should I bring or wear to the Adventure Park or Zip-lining?

You'll be required to wear closed-toe hiking or athletic type footwear. Wearing sandals or flip-flops are not allowed.

We recommend bringing and wearing the following:

  • Long shorts, pants, and t-shirts that can be tucked in, so you're more comfortable in a full-body harness are adequate.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Bring a camera with a strap!
  • Layer up! Weather can be unpredictable.
  • Remove any dangling earrings, jewelry, and rings before arriving.
  • Cash to tip your fantastic guides!
So, if you have a desire to explore and are looking for a beautiful place hang out with others, do go to a nearby zip line facility in your area. Don’t know how to find one? Don’t worry, click "View larger map" and zoom in to see the trails in your area.

* you will be taken to an external website Google Maps, make sure "update results when map moves" is turned on.

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