Top To Bottom Spring Fishing Tips To Catch More

Posted by John Leeds

The Polar Vortex dispersed, and cold fronts are turning warm, it's time to catch more spring bass, trout, and other early season fish species. Catch fish like the professional bass anglers with these quick tips and get wading in that shallow water like a Semi-Pro.

Gear To Get Out And Spring Bass Fish

Get To The Top

It's lonely on top, but not always. Most anglers neglect topwater patterns until summer, but it can be lights out now. All species should be shallow and relatively close to bedding areas. When water temps reach the upper 50s, brace yourself.

I love poppers for targeting beds or structure. I use a spinning rod. Long, precise casts are the key. Hit your target and twitch it a few times without moving it from the strike zone. Let the ripples dissipate before running it and make sure you see it go under before coming tight.

Buzzbaits perform better post-spawn and excel in the grass. The Whopper-Plopper, a stick-bait with swiveling rubber tail, is deadly. It takes a heavy tackle to throw, and practice. They cast a country mile.

Get Off the Path and Explore

When the catching is tight, the quickest way to turn your luck around is to go in a different direction from that taken by other anglers. That means hiking a reasonable distance from popular angler parking areas and then plowing through brush as necessary to cast from the side of the stream that does not have a well-worn path along its bank. Freshwater fishing when the water temperatures are cold has its benefits, such as the leaves on the trees and brush are clear for you to find new locations that in summer are typically overgrown.

Fishing from the opposite side will give you a fresh perspective and brand-new casting angles. You'll be able to make natural presentations to trout feeding lanes and hiding places the average angler is too lazy to check out.

Trout in Early Spring

Fish will stay deep in familiar areas

As the water rises, the temperatures drop and trout are sensitive to temperature. Try going deep at your favorite spots. If you have luck, stay there because the fish are sure to move as the temperatures change. If you get skunked in your usual places, don’t waste your time because you’ve probably missed them.

Think Shallow

When the water rises in lakes and streams, trout tend to move around a lot and prefer the shallows until things settle down. It’s easier for them to find food and it also saves them energy. Try shallow fishing banks that face south. Trout like to sun themselves, and it helps get them out of their winter coma.

Look for food sources

Think like a fish and observe the surroundings. Inlets and drainages that are typically dry feed lakes and rivers as the snowmelt causes runoff. There’s a lot of food coming in from these inlets. Trout will favor these spots (especially when there’s a gravel bottom) and hunt for a meal there. They will typically hang out in the calm shallows nearby.

Live Bait for Big Bass

Of course, we couldn't continue without promoting fishing gear and how new fishing rods, reels, tackle box, spinner baits and too much more to list is always available from Gear To Get Out. Check out our continuously updated Fishing Department.

Without further interruption from advertising. There's nothing like live bait. Minnows, crayfish or night crawlers from the nearest tackle shop catch bass when nothing else will. That's why most professional guides include it in their arsenals, depending on clientele and their objectives.

If you prefer to bank fish or want to take the kids to the pond, you're money ahead with shiners under a bobber. Drop anchor in a favorite cove and watch that bobber dance. Wade the river and drift nightcrawlers or sun worship with your pole on a forked stick. It's prime time, no matter. Go catch them fishy up.

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