What is Wanderlust? Can I Catch It?

Posted by John Leeds

A deep uncontrollable desire to hit the road and travel, by whatever means desired, to explore and enjoy the world. The wish to travel far away and too many different places. Its a borrowed word from German that means "love for hiking." Everybody probably has its meaning and understanding of Wanderlust. And YES, You can catch it.


Wanderlust can be many things for many people; I enjoy spontaneous short trips within my state or neighboring states. Just grab my "jump kit," family and go, once you stop seeking adventure... well we all know the ending to that.

State Parks

Most state parks get overlooked when you think of adventure; these parks offer camping, fishing and even hunting with proper license or permits. What is more of an experience than living off the land right in your state? Grab a tent, some fishing gear, hunting gear and pretend your one of the first explorers and the other campsites are other settlers. Trade supplies and get to know people at the same time. Don't you already feel like your mind is wandering?

Mountain Climbing or Hiking

The united states offer so many beautiful locations for hiking and climbing; you need to get out and hike or even climb a world-class mountain to experience them. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where the mountains stretch into the clouds you need to stop reading right now and go, stand outside and look at how beautiful the view is. It's magical sometimes, are you starting to feel the need to travel yet?

The best climbing and hiking gear is built by reputable companies to help you not experience pain or risk danger by inferior equipment. Gear To Get Out only carries the best supplies available on the market at the best prices.

Long Walk Off A Short Pier? OK Let Me Grab My Pole First

What better way to let your mind wander than grabbing some bait, a pole and your favorite tackle box and hitting the road to your favorite watering hole? Not much of anything that I can think of and if you can, please let us hear it in the comments below.

Maybe your not close to some fresh water and you are lucky enough to live on one of the coasts. If that is the life you live, take advantage of the commercial fishing industry nearby and charter a boat with yourself or a group of friends. Deep sea fishing is something that needs to be experienced to give a sense of the beautiful ocean and what lies beneath.

Hunting? Big Game or Small Game Follow The Rules

Bang, Pow, Zoom. How can this be a wanderlust you asked? If you have never woken up and strolled into the darkness of a forest to set up your location to hunt you haven't experienced adventure yet. It's just you, your weapon of choice, the silence of the woods and the game for that hunting season.

You might get upset killing fish, let alone a beautiful deer. Why not use a camera as your weapon and still experience the thrill of the hunt, keeping the animals' welfare in mind. Remember always to be careful and try not to go during hunting season; we don't need any of our readers ending up mounted over some trigger happy hunters fireplace.

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